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Credit Account

We encourage all contractors to set up an account with us to help us serve you better. Once you complete the required fields on the form, please sign it and return it to our credit department for approval through the following methods:


When you are ready to place an order, call our dispatch office at 336-753-1400. Our dispatchers will be able to answer any additional questions you may have. Please place your order 1-2 days in advance, as delivery schedules can fill up quickly, although we will try to accommodate same-day orders. When placing an order, please provide as much information as possible.


Be Prepared and Specific 

Be Prepared and Specific

Weather and other factors can affect the decision to pour even minutes before the pour times. By working with our customer service department, our mixer trucks, operators, and the plant can be waiting to service your pour at your demand.

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When ordering, we will need:

  • Contact Information

  • Date and Time of Delivery

  • Delivery Information

    • Job Site Address

    • Specific Directions to the Site

  • Project Description

    • Sidewalk, Curbs, Garage Floor, Etc.

  • Mix Strength and Slump Needs

    • The standard mixes are 3000 psi, 3500 psi, and 4000 psi. Higher is available if your project requires a stronger mix.

    • Slump refers to the consistency and workability of the concrete mix. The thicker the concrete, the lower the number, and the more challenging to work. A higher number means it will be thinner and easier to spread around in the forms.

      • Slump adjustments should be made at the concrete plant. Adjusting the slump at the job site may damage the concrete.

  • Total Yards of Concrete

    • Here is a concrete calculator to estimate the concrete needed for your job.

(NOTE: This calculator should be used as an estimating tool ONLY. Mocksville Concrete Company is not responsible for any material discrepancies based on calculations made with this application).​

  • Frequently, measurements can be slightly off, so we recommend ordering a little extra. A good rule of thumb is to take your calculation and add 4% to 10% to the total to account for spillage, uneven subbase, settling, spreading over forms, or any other changes in volume. Concrete can be ordered in ½-yard increments.

  • Truck Scheduling

    • If your project needs more than one truck, let us know the spacing you need the trucks. For example: “I need three trucks starting at 9:00 am, 30 minutes apart.”

  • Value-Added Products

    • Fiber Reinforcement: helps reduce cracking in the concrete and increases the overall energy absorption and structural integrity.

    • Retarder: delays the setting time of concrete.

    • Accelerate: added to reduce the setting time and increase early strength development.

    • Water Reducer: used to increase workability while reducing water content. Too much water weakens concrete by reducing the amount of cement paste available for bonding purposes.

    • Air Entrainment: added to improve durability, which is especially important in concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles. ​

  • Order Status

    • A “Sure Order” is an order set up to arrive at the job site at a specific time. Any cancellation of a sure order must be done at least an hour before the scheduled pour time, or you risk the order being loaded to come to you. 

    • A “Will-Call” order is placed in advance to reserve a time slot. The order will not be shipped until the customer releases the order. A will-call order should be released two hours before the scheduled pour time. By releasing your will-call order well in advance, you can help us avoid any service delays.

(NOTE: Weather and other factors can affect the decision to pour even minutes before the pour times. By working with our customer service department, our mixer trucks, operators, and the plant can be waiting to service your pour at your demand.)

Other Information

  • Unloading the Concrete: We will ask if your job site is accessible to the mixer truck, if there are any obstacles or hazards, and how you will unload the concrete from the truck. You can pour directly from the truck, use wheelbarrows, rent a Georgia Buggy, hire a pump truck, or utilize our sister company, Lagle Crane & Steel, for concrete bucket services.​​

  • Washout Area: All concrete delivery companies require the job site to provide an area for the driver to wash out the truck after pouring. We require a contained area that will not let the liquid seep or drain into surrounding areas. Good options are a wheelbarrow or other containers.

We would be honored to be your concrete supplier.

When you are ready, call us at 336-753-1400 to schedule a delivery.

We proudly deliver ready-mix concrete to Mocksville, NC, and the surrounding areas.​

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